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Inspectorio is a cloud-based SaaS solution focused on creating a dynamic and risk-assessment based Quality and Compliance program with the goal of generating more sustainable and transparent supply chains. Our network is a one-stop-shop platform where all key stakeholders in the production process can connect to execute, monitor, and report on Quality and Compliance activities.

Our products provide digitization, automation, transparency, and traceability, with a strong focus on advanced analytics & Machine Learning. This enables us to leverage customer data for predictive insights and dynamic risk-based interventions.

Founded in 2016, Inspectorio set out to revolutionize the supply chain industry. Today, we work with many of the world’s leading brands and retailers, and over thousands of vendor and factory organizations across the globe to bring unparalleled levels of visibility, transparency, and accuracy to their quality, sustainability, and compliance initiatives!


We are hiring a Product Owner to lead the execution of Inspectorio’s product strategy for all capabilities. The responsibility is holistic across our mobile and web platforms as well as all products.


  • Act as Product Manager/Product Owner to execute the product strategy of a Scrum team
  • Business and Product analysis, Product Value delivery strategy, and Product Vision communication.
  • Create and communicate the Product Backlog and keep it well organized. Maintain it updated and by collaborating with the Scrum Team keep it groomed to allow the team estimations (ensure that backlog keeps DEEP property).
  • Create good User Stories following INVEST principle. That including but not limited to wireframes, data flows, or any other material needed to transfer the requirements. The User Stories must have good descriptions taking into account the assumptions, restrictions, and scenarios of the feature. Define Acceptance Criteria and verify that they are met.
  • Participate in planning sessions: Product planning, Sprint Planning.
  • Prepare and Participate in Groomings with the team.
  • Participate in the Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective.
  • Be experienced and used to managing the priorities according to Return of Investment, Size, Roadmaps, and sprint commitments.
  • Collaborate with the Development Team and be able to attend their questions in a short time.
  • Collaborate with Stakeholders to understand & analyze business needs
  • Work closely with the design team to improve UI-UX of mobile and web.


  • Product Development: Good knowledge and embracement of Agile principles/Scrum methodology. More than two years of experience working as Product-Owner.
  • Prioritization Frameworks: Good knowledge of prioritization frameworks such as RICE/Kano/MoSCoW/Scoring Model.
  • UX: Good knowledge of UX Design Patterns & best practices for Mobile and Web applications. Able to create convincing wireframes & user flows
  • Domain Skills: Experience in Mobile and or Web solutions and E-commerce. Is a product visionary; Works with just enough anticipation in adaptive environments; Has Business and Domain expertise.
  • People Skills: Is a good communicator; can build good relationships with stakeholders; Motivates the Scrum Team explaining the product vision; Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
  • Decision Making: Is empowered to make decisions; is willing to make hard decisions; Is decisive; Takes an economic view to balance business/technical tasks.
  • Accountability: Accepts responsibility for the product; Is committed and available for. Acts like a Scrum Team member and not as a manager.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher preferred.


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Passion to create worldwide first-class products.

Why it would be awesome to work with us


Competitive Salary

At Inspectorio, we only work with the best of the best. That’s why, if we invite you to join us, it’s because we recognize your amazing skills, value, and potential. It probably wasn’t easy for you to become this awesome, so we make sure to reward you for it.

Full Project Ownership

Are you an inventor? Want to start a new internship program? How about a soccer tournament? Or a whole new department within the company? Whatever it is that you want to do, we’re here to listen, and if your idea is good, we’ll give you all the resources you need to make it happen. When any Inspectorian wins, we all win.

Personal and Professional Growth

Inspectorians are our most valuable resource, so we make sure to invest heavily in them. All Inspectorians are eligible for funding to attend conferences, take courses, present their research, and more. This on top of the continuous mentoring and guidance you’ll receive guarantees you’ll grow as a professional and as a human while at Inspectorio.

Fun, Fun, Fun

We put our money where your smiles are. Company-sponsored trips, weekly parties, sporting events, and more. We make sure that Inspectorians enjoy coming to work by promoting as much fun as we can.

International Work Experience

We are going to take over the world.... Perhaps not quite, but we are a global company that thrives from the interactions between our different offices. Join us to work alongside Belarusians in Vietnam, Mexicans in Minsk, Filipinos in China and more.

Our Values


We pursue mastery and craftmanship. “Good enough” is our enemy. 

We have a thirst and desire for knowledge and continuous improvement because there’s always an opportunity to be better. 

We always find time to help and learn from others.


We act independently when we recognize an opportunity for improvement.  

We seek guidance, alignment, and clear goals instead of orders or hand-holding. 

We self-assess the quality and impact of our work, identify opportunities to improve and make changes proactively. 


We share our opinion and insights, even if it’s uncomfortable. 

We are candid and direct with everyone we work with. 

We are willing to experiment and try something new, even if we’re not sure it will succeed.


We crave opportunities to learn from the people around us. 

We focus on listening to other perspectives because we know we don’t have all the answers or best solutions. 

We recognize that vanity and ego are the enemies of great ideas and outstanding products. 

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